Classes and Rules
Must Have ROAR Membership for Liability Purposes
CTS welcomes all International Drivers to compete.  With the success at IIC, HUDY Indoor Champs and Snowbirds, the Spec Motors listed on ROAR-BRCA-EFRA will be allowed for Champion Touring Series.

Modified TC  Minimum Weight 1350g Spec Tires Elexis Motors must be listed on ROAR-BRCA-EFRA approved list 2s Lipo

17.5 TC Spec  Minimum Weight 1350g motor must be in Blinky Mode Spec Tires Elexis 17.5 Motors must be listed on ROAR-BRCA-EFRA approved list 2s Lipo

***2 TIRE LIMIT***

You are able to buy a limit of two sets of tires one for 3 Qualifiers and 1 for Triple A Mains.

USGT Minumum Weight 1380g must use 21.5 listed on ROAR-BRCA-EFRA approved list motor must be in “Blinky Mode” Spec Tires Gravity Mesh Wheels and Tread pattern tires 2s Lipo

Click here for USGT guidelines

F1 Minimum Weight 1050g must use 25.5 ROAR-BRCA-EFRA on approved list Legal Motor Open Tire cannot use Lexan front wing 2s Lipo

Click here for F1 guidelines

Pro 10 Minimum weight 1050g must use 235mm bodies only with 10.5 Blinky ROAR-BRCA-EFRA approved motor Open Tire 2s Lipo

12th Scale Minimum weight is 730g Both Modified and 17.5 Blinky ROAR-BRCA-EFRA approved motors Open Tire 1s Lipo

Battery Voltage limit for 2s Lipo is 8.40v and 1s Lipo is 4.20v must use ROAR-BRCA-EFRA approved batteries

Concourse Best Paint Job Wins Trophy must have rolling car to win



TC, USGT, F1 and Pro 10s race are 5 Minutes including Mains.  12th Scale is 8 minutes including mains.

Friday Pit Setup and Open Practice (Must pay track for practice fee)

Saturday is controlled practice with seeding til 10AM followed by 3 Qualifiers

Q1 starts at 10:15AM resort for Q2 and Q3

Sunday is controlled practice til 9AM followed by Triple Mains.  (Only A Main gets triple mains.)


Top 3 Finishers receive Trophies including Top Qualifier